Our quality policy

Aim of the Honorex Kft. is to fulfill its business partners’ needs, with its high quality products, compliant with the European standards, within required time.


"It is our duty, to get the best out of us during our active period, since this is the way how mankind can evolve and our world can become more livable. This we owe to our ancestors and to the future generations.

With my coworkers, we can be proud of the fact that we started first in Hungary machine drying, which enabled us to sell licensed EPAL pallets. The second thing what we can be proud of is the development of the production technology of the pressed blocks, which in the last 15 years was adapted to the Hungarian conditions."

József Böszörményi

Managing Director.


With our high quality products, we hope to meet your needs as well and via our successful collaboration, to contribute to your business’ success.